Monday, October 8, 2012

All About Blogging.

The earliest blogs were just random rants from individuals on personal pages on sites like AOL or CompuServe. As the internet became bigger and bigger and more accessible to people, the pages began to evolve. Now people are blogging in their spare time, all over the web.

Suddenly, individuals could have their very own websites. Until more recent times, it was way too expensive to have your own Web page unless it was part of a major service provider's directory. Now it seems like anyone with an email address has their own URL. Blogging has changed the way people will communicate, forever.
Blogs are often part of a merchant or individual's website. Blogs discuss important events and details, sometimes on a national or world level and sometimes purely personal. Blogs have given the general public a forum for their grievances, their hopes and their emotions, in general. People get very passionate about blogging.
Depending on what blog you're posting to, there is certain etiquette that should be followed. Most blogs have a moderator who lays out the rules in simple black and white. Bloggers are asked not to make negative comments about other bloggers and are asked to stay on topic. Today, blogs exist on every topic from toothpaste to nuclear war.
You're sure to find a blog for any topic you're interested in. Most blogs allow for others to post on them but some are still very self centered and independent. All major news broadcasts, record labels, magazines and every other medium have their own blogs these days. Many companies and news organizations rely on their corporate blogs to get information out as quickly as possible. Blogging has become the way of life for many Americans. It's free, it's anonymous and it's real.
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